Forgive And Let Go

Ever see good in someone or something that was never there? I have on a few occasions with now ex friends. I guess I really wanted there to be good so that is what I saw. I tricked my mind because with my heart I loved them. But it is time to let go, and this is a poem about that. I know I do not have to forgive anyone that has wronged me. But I do it for mental peace. I have to do more letting go and not letting back in though. I know that now. Mentions of mental health, bullying and trauma.

You can forgive a person

And not let them back in.

Protect your heart

From them tearing it apart.

I saw good in them

Where there wasn’t any.

Because with my heart,

I loved them.

I could not help it.

Sometimes the heart

Does not work in one’s favor.

You have to work with both

The heart

And the head.

And not be ruled by either of it.

I know I do not have to forgive.

But I do to give my mind

And heart

Some peace,

So that I can begin healing.

I need to do more letting go.

Some are not meant to stick with me

Especially if they are full of toxicity.

No one is perfect.

But hurting me the way they did

It was not right.

It went on a long time.

So many fights

In person and on the phone.

Over and over

They would not leave me alone

Turning into bullying.

Friendships are not supposed to be like this.

I need to take care of myself mentally.

They are not good for me

So they need to be set free

Out of mind

Out of heart.

In the past

No longer part of my present.

They were not meant to last.

Kayla ❤

For a while I hated talking on the phone because of the constant drama. I was not a fan of texting either. I was scared more drama would happen and I just could not handle it. I now am enjoying texting again and I do not mind talking on the phone though there is still some nervousness from trauma.

I am finding it easier to let toxic people go. I may love them in my way but not as much as the real friends in my life. Those friends, the real ones, I love you all deeply. I love you like family. Thank you for being supportive, for being there for me. My love for you will never change. Some deep permanent connections were made. For that I am grateful. I will always be grateful.

To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Forgive And Let Go

  1. Reblogged this on KG Bethlehem and commented:
    Good evening everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. This week I am featuring this wonderful, serious writer—Kayla Lewis. Her work is called “Forgive and Let Go.” This poem, well for me move quite a few emotions. Sometimes it’s hard to let go, past pain can create a person and make them comfortable with being uncomfortable. Yet I believe this poem will make you look at yourself and question such a direction. Hopefully, it will start you on with having a conversation about change. Please visit Ms. Lewis’s page, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


  2. Enjoyed the reality of the poem. Make sure that you guard your heart, mind and beautiful soul. No one can salvage your heart but you. Others will take and break you without regard for you and your feelings. Save yourself.

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