Dark World

Trigger Warning mentions of depression and current world situation

The darkness it clings to me

Pulling me under

Making it so hard to breathe.

Drowning in a world that feels like it is ending.

The world is going to shit with a virus

That appears to have no end.

Just when we think it will get better

We get the news that it got worst.

Devastated. All those months of social distancing

They seem to have been a waste.

I sit here overwhelmed

A world of nightmares.

Who needs the horror genre when we have real life?

My eyes get wetter and wetter.

Crying more than I normally do.

The depression threatening to overtake me.

Trying to find solace in my happy things.

Writing, music, art, photography.

Using all that as my therapy.

I know I can talk about it with my friends.

But I know they feel similar too and

I just don’t want to bother them too often

With my problems that seem to also have no end.

I am a woman with clinical depression.

I have had it since before the world started to end.

I try to be strong. I try to stay strong but it is not easy.

Sometimes I get tired.

I continue to fight my dark emotions brought on by depression

And push them away with thoughts of love

For the people in my life.

They help me stay strong

Just by being there in my life

Knowing they care

And love me too.

I won’t give up

This is my promise to them, to you, to especially me.

This depression will never win.


To be continued…

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